Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Ok, for those of you following the play-by-play: I found a serviceable audio program (FREE Hi-Q Recorder) that has allowed me to get the combat audio I needed. Tomorrow will be spent doing final tweaks/sound effects and finally cutting this bad boy together into actual movie form.

Thanks for your patience. This summer's been insane, I've been slammed at every turn, running around every weekend, playing catch-up during the week, and generally out of my head for the past couple of months. With luck, I'll be back to my crappy roughly-2-month update schedule (or, hopefully, somewhat better than that) after I release this one.


OK, all video has been captured. There's still some quirkiness with the audio, but it seems that demolition in my neighborhood has stopped, so it'll be fixed hopefully by tomorrow night. Give me a day or two for assembly, and cross every appendage, and I should have it up by the weekend. That is, if I can find a way to capture audio from a demo playback that DOESN'T sound like its been filtered through pure unadulterated white noise.

Anyone know any good audio capture programs? MCIRecorder is sucking my will to live.

Urge to kill rising...

OK, here's the status:

I am one filming scene (to be finished today) and some audio editing away from getting this thing put together and out to you guys.

Challenge: Someone, I kid you not, is RIPPING UP PAVEMENT two houses away. Even with my noise-cancelling headset I can't hear for crap. As soon as I think they're done, BWAAAM!!!!!

Gaaaah. I'm hoping I'll be able to concentrate enough to even get the filming finished.