Monday, October 01, 2007

One. Single. Scene.

Not even a full scene. One small set of shots. Editing combat blows, especially when the !@#^!#&!^%!$#*%!#$!^ FINAL CUT WON'T DO WHAT IT'S TOLD!!!!!!! I have a concussion from beating my head on my desk, my monitor, the walls, etc.

Ahem. This episode is finished tonight, or I eat my Mac. Seriously. I'll do it. I've got the fork ready.


Liz Reay
Very Angry Animator


Yaksman said...

Take a deep breath.

Your fans love you, and do not wish you to cut your mouth on shards of Mac.

Have you considered just obscuring large parts of the action with a large brightly coloured WHAM! or KA-POW!! ?

We'll all be over here, obsessively pressing the refresh button.

Crazy Raven Productions said...

Yaksman is my hero. :)