Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blowing off the dust

Hi there!

I know, it's been an age and a half. And I'm afraid the news isn't good.

As you've probably suspected by the fact there hasn't been a new video in a couple of...yikes...years, QoK has hit a major hurdle. I just don't have the time to program demos these days, and to be honest, I don't remember how at this point.

But, I do want to finish the story.

So, come this winter, I will be completing it via motion comic. Less animation, but it'll still have the story and the voice acting of my awesome cast. I hope to start production in mid-November, and complete the tale by spring. We'll see how fast I pick up the skills again.

For more updates, and to see what's else is going on (a LOT), check out the Crazy Raven Productions blog!

Much love,

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Yaksman said...

Wow, I thought QoK was history. Glad you're still planning to finish off the story!

Hope the last couple of years have been good to you.