Thursday, June 28, 2007

Queens of King's Party!

Episode 4 debuts on Sunday, July 1... join Raid, Pete and Yarr for a party at Pocket D on Justice from 1-5 PM!!!


TheCockAroach said...

Thank you for having an event where we can meet ya'll! Loved meeting the inspiration for one of my favorite characters (Chest O'Booty) and just being able to Thank You in person!

Crazy Raven Productions said...

Thank you so much for coming! I loved your macro chain rendition of "You Are a Pirate" was really, really cool and creative. Chest O' Booty may have to make a cameo sometime soon. :)

TheCockAroach said...

Would LOVE that. Just send a tell to @cockaroach in game. I'm on almost every night!

Yaksman said...

That'll teach me to go off and celebrate Canada Day.

(FeyFlame on Justice)