Friday, June 15, 2007

Queens of King's Special Edition: Oh, Statie!

A special newsflash: Statesman, that wacky doer-of-good, announces his plan to invade the Rogue Isles and capture Arbiter Sands. Shh. Nobody tell Sands. He'll never know what hit him!


Yaksman said...

Don't tell anyone, but it's all part of a complicated double bluff.
Sands is a very clever guy, and when he sees that States is announcing that they're gonna catch him, he'll figure that States is trying to trick him into running, so he'll try to outsmart States by staying put, so when the heroes come find him, there he'll be!

Or something like that. I just hit things.

Thanks for another laugh!!

Crazy Raven Productions said...

That Sands...always thinkin'... ;) Glad you enjoyed.