Thursday, July 10, 2008


Programming is 80% complete. I finally figured out how to use the tools I was working with, and my husband (the voice behind Raid E. Ation and the reason I stay even remotely sane through this frustration) designed a couple more tools to help me out. So, it's smooth sailing here on out. *knocks on wood, goes outside and finds more to knock on*

This weekend is my kid sister's birthday. She's the voice behind Ellen Carter, and is an awesome awesome person. Give her love in the comments! I'll make sure she gets it.


Yaksman said...

Happy B-day to "Skippy", she of the emphatic fuck!!! (That sounds dirtier out of context)

And yay for new tools.


Isungr said...

Yes, happty belated birthday...I really love your stuff!!! The "R U Healer?" in #2 was great!